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Hey I think people may have already asked for this but will you guys ever introduce a lifetime membership for maybe $99.99 and afterwards and if you want more money there are other things you can introduce new features that improve on that lifetime membership like make the lifetime membership a base


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    I couldn’t agree more.

    As a user who drops in and out of using Cronometer, I’ve used the app on and off for years and don’t think I’ve had 2 solid years worth of use from the basic app with my time added together, but I’d gladly pay that as the lifetime option shows you have confidence in your product and I will reach my goal inside of the 2 years that would have been the normal subscription cost.

    I understand that there are ongoing costs for an app like this, but offering a lifetime option alongside regular subscriptions, to me, shows that confidence in the products pro features.

    It would be really interesting to see if cronometer’s active users are using the app consistently as I think this would show the case for the viability of offering the lifetime product at this cost whilst still making profit.

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    edited December 2023

    Sad it's gone too. Just started but while I like to support awesome things I have a rule against recurring charges for things I go on and off of. Sadly (for my health), tracking is one of those so I guess I'm stuck on free forever.

    Most companies say lifetime are unsustainable, but there is probably some middle ground limiting the availability (long time subscribers or a certain number a year) or limiting the features (lifetime not giving ALL the features) which would be beneficial to the company and some middle ground for users like us.

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