Fitbit Logs Nearly Double Actual Calories Burned

I connected my Fitbit to the app, and it logs all my workout activity separately plus the total of all activity calories burned for the day. The equation looks something like this:

(Workout calories burned individually logged) + (a single total logged being: [workout calories burned total logged again + non-workout movement for the day]).

This incorrectly doubles nearly all my calories burned except for non-workout movement. While it would be nice to have granular data, I’d rather just have the single total number logged than all the duplicate individual workouts inflating my calories burned numbers by nearly double. I ate over my calories yesterday because I didn’t realize my calories burned logged were nearly twice what they should’ve been. I also can't just delete the individual entries manually. It deletes successfully, but then reopening the app, it resyncs with Fitbit and adds it back.

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