“Meal” saving

This is a feature from MFP (not sure if it’s still a feature or not, it’s been quite a few years since I used MFP).

The ability to save a common grouping of foods into a “meal” rather than saving or editing a recipe was really helpful during more routine based seasons or preps with alternating meal plan days.

This also would be helpful when exporting the nutrient reports/diary reports- as once they are entered as a recipe, the reports no longer show the detail or components of that meal.

Therefore a common meal of ground Turkey, sweet potato, and broccoli (for simplicity purposes) for instance can be saved as a recipe of course… however my report would then say “TSB Meal” (or whatever it was named) and detail would just be the total nutrients of all the foods. For a recipe that’s typically fine but for full meals there’s value in each component being visible. A saved meal rather, would have all components of that common meal be entered as separate foods.

If anyone has ran into this and there’s a feature I’m totally unaware of (other than multi select- copy- paste or “copy to today”- which is my current best friend) please let me know ☺️

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