All Users Now Have Access To Fitness Programs By Don Saladino

Here at Cronometer, we love our users and want to see each and every one of you achieve your health and wellness goals. To help you along that path and to keep you moving and motivated during these hot summer months, we’ve partnered up with our favourite celebrity trainer and fitness entrepreneur, Don Saladino and have released three free fitness routines to all of our users.

This means, as long as you have a Cronometer account, you’ll now have access to a selection of exercise programs curated by Don, completely free of charge!

There are three exercise programs to choose from. The 3-day express, the 4-day boot camp and the 5-day super charge programs are all bodyweight-based fitness routines and do not require any additional equipment. All three of the workout plans are doable at any fitness level and can be done from anywhere.

We’re hoping that these will act as a helpful tool to get started with resistance training or spark inspiration into your existing fitness routine. Don’t forget to log them in your Cronometer account when you’re done!

Start working out with Don here: https://cronometer.com/workout-with-don

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