Request for Additional Micronutrients

I would like to see the integration of additional micronutrients like EPA and DHA in foods as an option available to see.


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    You can easily find these on pages like the USDA FoodData Central for foods like [sardines] (https://fdc.nal.usda.gov/fdc-app.html#/food-details/175139/nutrients)

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    I would be interested in this too, specifically adding data for fatty acid profile (even beyond EPA and DHA, though those are of interest). The range of SFAs, MUFA, and PUFA in the usda database could readily be added. Nutritionally, this would let me see the distribution of SFAs, paying attention to those with LDL benefits (e.g. stearic acid) and those associated with an increase in LDL. As 23ek points out, this data is available.

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    I heartily endorse 23ek's request for EPA and DHA breakdown to be added to the micronutrient analysis. This would [hopefully] also make the Omega6:Omega3 ratio somewhat meaningful. Right now, I can't see how it means much of anything. I set up a diary profile with some of my basic information. Then I added in a 3 oz portion of coho salmon. Nothing changed [not surprising - no EPA or DHA is tracked!]. A change like this for the product I added to the diary profile should have altered it drastically - it has 900 mg of EPA/DHA for that serving. I therefore think those numbers should be added at least for some of the standard items that are touted as good Omega 3 sources, such as salmon and other fatty/cold water fish, etc. This is because Omega6 vs Omega 3 is getting so much emphasis these days in nutrution advice.

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