Suggestion for handling the RDA thresholds (and their color codes)

as most people know who have dived a little deeper into nutrition the RDAs in many areas are simply just "the bare minimum" of nutrition that we should get but hardly the optimum (which often times is 2 times...and sometimes even much higher than whats recommended). many of the tolerable upper limits only apply to artifical supplements.

therefore i find it reasonable if there were more options than just the "minimum daily target" and "maximum daily target".
for example if the daily minimum isnt reached the cell could be colored in red (duh) if the daily minimum is reached it could be orange if the daily target is reached its green and if the daily maximum is reached it could turn orange again and then when it even reaches the the tolerable upper limit it should turn red again.

this way one would have a much more honest overview "how well they did" in a given day just by having a glance at the color code that the side would provide.

of course u could even go further and instead of making them red/orange/green/orange/red there r other (possibly better) options (like some rainbow colors to more distinguish the ""below target" orange" from the ""slightly too high" orange" from another...might be overload tho idk).
But generally speaking im sure this would be a well received upgrade if done right that lots of diet tracker ppl would appreciate.

so what do you guys think of this idea?

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