Current day and time is wrong (wrong timezone?)

Starting from this morning, Cronometer seems to think I'm living in the past. I'm in Sydney (UTC+10) so it's 2023-07-27 08:28 as I'm writing this, but the diary page thinks today is 2023-07-26 and when I enter a new food it appears with a timestamp of 22:28.

It seems like Cronometer is taking UTC as my current time, even though I'm in UTC+10.

I'm using the web version of Cronometer and my browser is Firefox 115.0.2. I upgraded from Firefox 114.0.2 yesterday so that might be what changed?


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    Sorry, this turned out to be a bug in my Linux distro, nothing wrong with Cronometer. I just happened to notice the problem in Cronometer first because I always enter my breakfast first thing in the morning. :-)

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