Printing recipe opens in same window and clears session

If you print recipe it will print into same browser tab. Then, if you go back it will destroy session and force you to log in again.


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    Oiccrene, what do you mean by "destroy the session"? I just tried to print a recipe using the "display for printing option" option in the 3 dots, and it opened up in the same browser tab. Then when I clicked the back button on the browser, it took me to the diary. On checking the recipe in the custom recipe list, it was still there, not 'destroyed'.

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    edited August 2023

    Unfortunately, when I go back my session is invalidated thus I have to log in again.

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    Oiccrene, this problem might be related to your browser (name, version), your operating system (usually windows or apple), phone or computer.
    You are on a computer, right?
    I would report all of the details above to the support address because this sounds like a bug and so Cronometer would have to fix it.
    [I am not a programmer, so this all has to be verified with Cronometer!]

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    Firefox 116.0.1 (64-bit), Linux

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    Oiccrene, I'm using Win10 Chrome Version 115.0.5790.171 (Official Build) (64-bit).
    How about test on Chrome?

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    HAH! I tried on Firefox and I got the same behavior you got - logged me out after clicking the back button. So Cronometer needs to know they have an issue with FF. I'll be very curious if this problem happens for you on Chrome.

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