Make the app/site to register the time of the entry automatically for every new entry.

Thats it. Thats important for those with time-oriented diets. I am having problems with my glucose levels so I need to know the time I ate everything I register otherwise my glucose measurements are of no help. People with intermittent-fasting shall have similar necessities. We can register it adding notes for every meal but that doubles the work we have registering our meals and activities. Thats the oposite of the main purpose of such apps, i think: to make these things more practical.


  • @gxmc Thanks for the suggestion! This has been a very popular suggestion, and as such we will be implementing it! Hang tight! You should see an update for it in the future.

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  • Nice, are there an ETA?

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    Not currently; it is a pretty big task but is very high on our priority list!

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  • If the feature is still in development, I would like to add that time of food intake is not necessarily important to everyone, so it would be great if there is an option in the profile to specify if the feature is automatic or not for the account. I plan and pre-log my meals a week ahead so the time the food is added to the log is irrelevant to me. :)


  • Thanks for the suggestion @Vickie; we will definitely keep this in mind.
    Thank you for your consistent suggestions and great advice for other users! We really appreciate your feedback!

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  • @Vickie it will definitely be a feature you have to activate if you want to see them, and will work with timestamped and non-timestamped entries interchangeably.

  • HI
    A time feature would be great for food, exercise and Glucose and Ketones.
    The time should _be adjustable as I too pre-log my meals, and often donèt have access to Chrono when exercising or measuring ketones. SO I would need to be able to change the time.

  • Any ETA yet? Im missing that feature so much :(

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