Severe lag adding to diary in update to 4.9.0 b1691

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The lag is so bad when trying to add items to the diary after the update to 4.9.0 b1691 that the app is basically unusable. General navigation through the app seems okay, maybe a slight lag, but mostly just when selecting items to add to the diary.

Neither clearing app cache or reinstalling the app resolved the issue on Android 11 OS.


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    Update. This delay seems to be limited to custom foods. There is a delay when selecting a cutom food before it will open into the detailed info page, as well as when changing the serving size and selecting to add to diary.

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    edited August 2023

    Update 2. Nevermind, there's just general lag in the app overall. Is this a server issue?

    Just to be sure, does someone at Cronometer read these bug report forums or should I report them a different way?

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    Fixed with latest update.

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