Two New Time Saving Features

Hi Crono Community!

Just popping in to let you know about two new time-saving features that were released in app version 4.9.0 and currently live on the web!

Set Repeating Foods
Gold subscribers can now set repeating items. A Repeat Item is a food, meal or recipe that you can schedule to repeat at a specified time and on selected days of the week. Learn more here:

Create A Meal
Custom Meals allow you to bundle foods, recipes, supplements and beverages into one item – saving you time while logging things you consume every day. Our new Custom Meals feature is meant to be a simplified version of Custom Recipes, so you won’t be able to set a number of serving sizes for the whole meal or use any advanced features like ‘set cooked weight’. Learn more here:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask or reach out to support@cronometer.com

Happy tracking!


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    Hi, thanks, both are good additions and being used by me.

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    The repeating item feature is very useful! I've been using Cronometer for a short time and have already set it up. Your custom meal process is also easier than any other food tracking system I have used.

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