Potassium in food vs potassium in blood

I'm curious how my blood tests reveal potassium as being normal, yet I only consume about 1/2 of the RDA from foods. Any thoughts?



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    You may be logging foods where the micronutrients are not pulled into your diary. I recently switched from another app to this program, because I figured out that many, many of the entries on the other app did not actually include micronutrients. The FDA database is very superficial, and, many entries had been added manually and the person decided to just leave many or all micronutrients out. Cronometer is leaps and bounds better. I add a food by first trying to locate it in the USDA database (you can click the filters and choose any or all databases). If it's not there, I select the next database, NCCDB. There are other databases as well, some located outside the U.S. So this may not apply to you, but check how you're adding foods, check to see what micronutrients will be included, and choose those. Potassium is definitely one of the included micronutrients for foods.

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