[Android] Custom calorie target not reflected in calories remaining widget

Hello! Great app. Thank you for it.

If I change the energy target to custom and type in a custom calorie target, the calories remaining widget continues to show the value related to the weight goal setting. So if the weight goal setting gives me a calorie target of 2000 and calories remaining is 50, the widget will continue to subtract from 2000 (and show 50) after I change it to a custom target and set to something else like 2500.

I've made sure to remove / readd the widget and everything. I'm fairly new to the app so maybe I just missed a setting.


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    For anyone looking for a quick fix: I got around this by setting the BMR to custom (and putting my custom calorie target in there) and setting the activity level to none. (Or whatever you want, but it'll affect the number.) I left the radio button at the bottom on weight goal. The widget and the diary screen now match.

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    Thank you. I'm new to Cronometer and this was bugging me. One added complication; I also have it importing exercise from Google Fit. That ends up having exercise line items of negative calories in the diary view which get summed up on "Burned". However with "Variable Calories Burned / Include Exercise" turned off, the budget calculation is still set to my fixed goal.

    Example numbers. I set a BMR and custom goal of 2500 calories. At the start of a day it shows "0 consumed, 2500 burned, 2500 budget". At the end of a day it shows "2295 consumed, 2810 burned, 205 budget". That 205 number is just 2500-2295 and is what I want to see. The burned number is changing during the day with exercise, but it's not impacting the budget calculation or display.

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