Activity from daily tracker and wirkouts

My daily tracker puts everything into Apple health and this is added to my diary. If I track Strava runs and walks they are added too, but they are part of the daily activity too so it look like I have done more than I have by doubling up…….or am I being stupid?!


  • This is a common problem I have with tracking in general. Sometimes the trackers can deconflict the two. Apple Health can do that depending on what the data source is and what it puts in. I've found I need to be careful about my data flows to everything, including cronometer, to avoid duplication. So, for example, I've resorted to using Apple Health as the synthesis point for calorie burn data and stopped integrating that data directly from other places like Strava and Garmin. I may push data to those devices but I don't pull data from them which then goes into calorie burn estimation, exercise minute estimation etc. Apple Health is the only place that is read for that purpose.

  • Cheers I think my Apple health has my Strava rides and runs and walks in it so if I push that to Cronometer shoukd be ok and unsync Strava

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