Carb totals question

Hi all, ive been wondering about how a particular food can have more sugar than net carbs?

I have created a meal which breaks the carbs down like this:

Carbs 19.2/42.0g

Fiber 13.5/38.0g

Net Carbs 3.3/42.0g

Starch 0.0g/(no target)

Sugars 8.0g/(no target)

I’ve been wanting to set a target down my sugars as I’m introducing fruits for pre- and post- workout while monitoring my insulin response but I’m confused as to how it could have more sugar than net carbs. I read the manual and it does say something like net carbs is carbohydrate that converts to glucose and thus excludes indigestible carb etc

what simple thing am I missing here

I would have expected to see net carbs higher like if the number above were reversed I’d be assuming that of 8g net 3g were sugars?

sorry of this is a dumb question or been asked a dozen times I couldn’t find it specifically in a cursory search here



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    I don't think that is possible. From what I know, sugar cannot be lower than net carbs. Maybe the food entry in your meal that is causing that has an error?

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