Suggestions on how to set a sugar and starch target with moderate low carb protocol

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I have no sugar total / target because I’ve been pretty strict keto, closer to carnivore with dairy but I want to introduce fruit and honey as part of a fueling experiment for long cycling events (which I’ve done successfully on low carb / keto but not to a level that I believe I can reach with effective metabolic flexibility).

What is a good approach with say a standard total carb target of 40g when wanting to add strawberries, Shredded coconut, blueberries etc and be stricter around a total / target for sugar counted?

I guess fructose is counted as a sugar?

I’ll be pricking and taking glucose to monitor my glucose response carefully after I add “meals” of various kinds to see what the impact is and how my ketones respond as well.

Any insight appreciated TIA


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