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I only saw one old request from 2018 about that, so I'm thinking I'll ask this again: can we add a function of adding a picture when creating a recipe? I use this program daily and make up recipes daily, so adding a pic would be awesome. I know I can add a pic of a food, which I do sometimes as a work-around and add a reference in the notes to what it is. To me, this program is my fancy recipe box with automatic nutritional value info! I don't touch processed food at all - unless processed by me, so whole food real recipes are the only thing I add.


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    I came to the forums to make this same suggestion, so please consider it upvoted. Custom recipes should be able to have an image associated with them. Ideally if printing out a custom recipe's ingredients & nutrition info then the image would print with it. It could even (in small form) be displayed in the list when listing foods that match a search (eg while adding to diary) and when listing one's custom recipes.

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