Why are ALL PAST nutrient targets changed if I reset it today?

Many people—perhaps everyone, may need to reset their targets based on accident, illnesses, etc. It's illogical for Cronometer to go back and change OLD DATA. Cronometer updates go backwards. Cronometer algorithms appear unnecessarily restrictive? And why does Beef, Milk, and Bread have no protein in Cronometer? For that matter—alcohol with no alcohol? By the way, thanks for acting like I won a prize—you've won an Upgrade to Gold—something I already PAID for.

Thank you, M


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    I've just decided to reset all levels to see if that fixes everything. Can't wait for a response.

    thank you

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    It's quite frustrating/illogical that changing nutrient targets results in Cronometer changing my past data. Micheal Phelps certainly had to change his targets when he stopped competing in Olympics, etc.

    In the REAL world targets are adjusted all the time, based on accident/injury, illness, as mentioned above training/not training, AGE, pre pregnancy/pregnancy/childbirth/nursing, or weight loss/gain goals, etc.

    Lastly, I want my targets expressed in a format meaningful to me. For example, I want total grams of protein and not have to look for it.

    Thank you everyone/have a great day😃

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