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Here is a question that was sent in to customer service by a new user. I wanted to post it here so one of our experts can take a shot at it.

When it came to selecting a diet [in Cronometer] that I'd like to follow (Paleo or Zone
for example) I found I did not know enough about the diets listed in
order to choose one, according to my goals.. I then understood that I am
not clear on my health goals.

As far as health goal, I can say that I am middle aged and noticing a
decline in energy and fitness in general. I've got some lumps appearing,
one on arm which fellow doc has said would most likely be a cyst of fat
or calcium. Some bones such as clavical and rib, have what feels like
excess bone growth. As someone who has worked in the medical field for
some time, I understand that what I've described could be due to many
things. I am hoping to begin with diet/excercise and so, am using your
device as a tool.

I am hoping that you can forward my letter to someone who could advise
the type of diet I should pay attention to and any other advice they
would have for me towards bettering my health while on this planet.

Thanks for your time and help!


Spencer D.
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    I am not one of the experts, but I just watched a 9 day program on GMO's and one of the presentation was by a company that runs test (not cheap, the last time I looked was $599.00 (us), that tell you what you should and should not eat. If you would like to check this out for yourself this is the website

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    We are on an elimination diet and as for the decline in energy, I would suggest to go for it. It wouldn't be fair for my Naturopath to post her suggestions online, but she had a nice pamphlet. However, you can find this online, too :)
    I do a more strict diet as my NP has suggested. Basically, you do it for 4 weeks and add one food at a time back in. If the added food make you feel MEHHH, you need to stay away from whatever makes you MEHHH. That's very different from individual to individual. I am on a vegan diet excluding all grains, excluding all night shade veggies (no potatoes, no peppers, no tomatoes, no egg plant etc.), excluding any soy (no organic miso SNIFF) and excluding all citrus.
    I do try to eat something raw with each meal to make sure there are lots of enzymes in the food I am eating. E.g. when one eats something cooked, one can eat a salad with it or a raw apple ...
    The NP suggestion did have grass fed meats, gluten free grains etc.
    I felt better within 1 week. My energy is waAAAAy better. Digestive issues and a lot f the chronic pain issues have disappeared. PUFFFF
    Good luck!

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