Try our new Water Tracking feature!

We have just released a beta build containing a long time requested feature - Water Tracking!

To make tracking your water intake quick and easy, we’ve added a water tracking widget to the diary (swipe right on the widget at the top off your diary page) and ‘Add Water’ buttons to the main + menu and quick add menus.

For users that track using our website, you can take a look at, where you will see a '+ water' button at the top of your diary, and a water tracking widget below the calendar.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the design and functionality!

If you're not a beta user and you'd like to try this and upcoming new features, email [email protected] to join. Include which device type you use (iOS or Android) and your Apple ID/ Google Play Store email address.

Happy tracking!


  • Hi!

    I'm viewing the 4.10.1 build in TestFlight in my iPhone app, and I don't see any option to add water, just the typical icons - Suggest Food, etc.

    When I log in on my browser version at, I do see the Add Water icon and feature.

    In the browser version, I like that you include the fluid ounces, and I wish that ounces were the top, bolded label, not grams. I'm in the US so I use ounces.

    Similarly, for web browser version, under Nutrient Targets, General, I'd prefer water be listed in Fluid Ounces, not Grams.


  • Hi @billhooper you should now have access on mobile, let me know if you don't. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Okay yes I see the icon now!

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