How can I remove the "Burned" calories display without removing the "Consumed" and "Remaining"?

On the Energy Summary display, the 3 pie graphs show "Consumed", "Burned" and "Remaining". As a food addict looking to lose about 130 pounds on a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet, I find myself having an intense emotional reaction when I see the Burned chart next to the Remaining calories chart. It triggers for me the very emotions that led me to being obese --namely, that I should be entitled to being treated like everyone else and my goal calorie deficit is cheating me out of what is rightfully mine -- the burned amount. I know this sounds silly, but for those of us who are emotional eaters, it is very real.

It would be much more empowering if I could get rid of the "Burned" pie chart, leaving only the other two. All I need to know is how many calories I have eaten, and what I can have left with my goal. Can anyone tell me how to remove just the "burned" chart without removing the other two pie graphs next to it?

Thank you.


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    i would like to know also.

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    I don't think there's a way to get rid of that pie chart but you can go to Settings -> Profile + Targets -> Energy Burned. There, change the BMR to "Custom" and set to 0. Also change "activity Level" to "None" so it doesn't add in burned calories from a tracker if you don't want that either. And turn off "Replace with Important Activity".
    The pie chart will still show but it will always be "0".

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