My Calories Seem too low even when I input everthing.

Hi all - I've been using Cronometer for a few months off and on and just got back into it. I eat mostly non-processed, whole foods that I make myself from the farmer's market/high end groceries/butcher shops.

I am very diligent about estimating everything that is relatively clear - the vegetables/fruits/meat/dairy etc. I try to also log dressings, oils/fats and anything else that I think I'm consuming.

Despite this, my calories look too low for my body and activity levels - at about 1500-2000 per day... Sometimes I end up inputting more than I think I've used (for example I'll put in 2 tbsp of oil when I think I've only used 1) just because my calories look so low...

I'm 6'3" and I exercise about 1-2 hour/day (playing tennis, hiking, running, lifting) so I know I'm consuming at least 2500 calories to maintain my weight at 185lbs.

Any ideas for why my calories in Cronometer look so low? Has anyone else found this issue?


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    I came here to ask the same question! I'm also 6'3" and based on my activity levels (all tracked meticulously via Apple Watch), Cronometer is asking me to eat about 3000 calories/day for net zero energy. I'm finding it difficult to eat enough. Every evening, Cronometer will tell me I have 1500+ kcal remaining, and I'm struggling to find what to eat that fulfils that. That's about 5 servings of pasta, or 7kg of spinach. I just can't do it.

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