Why are calories in the diary displayed with improbable precision?

I'm new to Cronometer and loving it for its data accuracy and thoughtful UI.

But I'm baffled by how the product displays calories. I put about a tablespoon of butter on my toast and logged it. Cronometer displays the diary entry as "101.72 kcal". But that precision is laughable; butter varies and I certainly didn't measure exactly 1.0000 tablespoons. Surely "102 kcal" would be more reasonable to show? It'd make the display easier to read, too.

Cronometer is usually so thoughtful in its design I'm wondering if this decision not to round the numbers is for some reason I don't understand.


  • I would imagine this is to accommodate both metric and U.S. customary measures and the many options users have for diary entries:

    Ex: consider:
    Butter 14.5g for someone who does weigh their food. -or-
    Butter 0.66 cups for 2/3 of cup in a recipe.

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