Nutrient intake displayed incorrectly on mobile when Daily Target is 0 but Max Threshold is set

There are problems with how the mobile app displays the progress of nutrient intake for nutrients with Daily Targets of 0 but a custom Max Threshold. In the Daily Report, the progress bar is always empty even if the Max Threshold is exceeded (see Added Sugars in screenshot--my Max is 40). The percentage is listed as 0%.

If you click on the nutrient, the grey bar with the orange arrow is not correctly displayed (see screenshot); the bar appears but the arrow shows zero even when there has been intake that day. (Side note: why does "Added Sugars" display this grey bar, but "Sugars" does not?)

In comparison, the web app does show green/red bars in the Nutrient Targets, and when you click on it, the grey bar displays correctly (see screenshot).

I've wanted better ways to track Max Threshold for a long time. Tracking Added Sugars, for example, is very important, and there's no way to see what percentage of your maximum allowed values you've eaten in a day (I hate that the tracker in Highlighted Nutrients [bar on mobile, circle on web] always shows nothing/0% no matter how much you've consumed that day). But this is clearly a bug on mobile that doesn't even match the limited information shown on the web.

I'm using Cronometer v4.10.0 (b1715-AF) on Android 13. Thank you for reading this, and for any help you can provide.


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    I've just come across this issue myself and am honestly more than a little upset that sugars are not being accounted for AT ALL on the mobile app. That makes all the information for every item wrong.

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