How to set calorie target

I’ve tried to get this answered with the Cronometer help desk but they didn’t give me an answer that solved my problem

Currently my dashboard (the summary for Consumed, Burned and Remaining) shows TDEE as my target. I want it to show 1800 calories as my target.

I have already been into settings to change it to fixed values with a Custom Energy Setting and changed my macros so they also add up to 1800 cal per day but nothing has changed in the Comsumed, Burned and Remaining section. Is there something I’m missing?

Thanks in advance


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    I'm having the same problem. I just want to see that ''remaining'' number as the calories I set myself, but it seems to always end up the same as ''burned''. I've tried as many options as I can find but the only thing that changes that ''remaining'' part is to increase my activity level setting. Even though I've set it to fixed calorie target per day so it should disregard my BMI etc. I joined the Facebook group but my question/post has been stuck in ''pending'' for a week or so. Not useful at all, I've had to stop using Cronometer on like the third day I bought into it!

  • @WeightGain4000 I finally got a response from the help desk and they said you can’t have your custom calories shown in the rings. I’m in disbelief that this is the case. The only place you can really see what calories are remaining is when you swipe the ring summary and look at the macros you’ve set. But it gives you a % of energy left, not that you have 542 cal left for the day for example.

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    Wow that's really ridiculous!! It makes the widgets in particular really difficult to work with. I don't understand that at all. I'd have thought this was the most basic fundamental function. There seems to be a few othercounterintuitive/downright weird things going on with the app to do with this. For example my percentage of allocated fat goes from 120% down to 80% if I eat something that's not as fatty. But this makes no sense as it's meant to be a gram allowance. So confusing.

  • I don’t understand why it would do that at all. And you’ve got custom macros as a target? I haven’t noticed my macros changing like that but I’ve only been using this for 2 weeks so it isn’t to say that hasn’t happened to me and I’ve not noticed yet.

    I do like how custom food entries are audited so you’re getting more accurate tracking compared to My Fitness Pal, though. Seems like I’ll be manually calculating my remaining calories each day. 🤦‍♀️

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    I've discovered something that may or may not help you. If you don't use the activity level/BMR etc levels and just want to count macros/calories as I do, there's a workaround. Play around with the BMR and activity levels as I have, and keep experimenting until you get the ''total energy burned'' number the same as your target calories. This sets the wheel to the target calories. The app won't know this but it's a workaround. My target is 2300 calories so that's what I've aimed it to end up as. App will think I'm trying to balance my weight to exactly as it is right now but I don't suppose that's an issue

  • Thats helpful thank you. I’ll try this

  • That worked! Thanks!

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