Why can't I add the exact ml I want?

Hi there. This is my first question and my first visit to the forums so sorry if I'm not posting this question in the appropriate forum.

So, well, the thing is that I can't add the 330ml of a drink I drank before. I can only use 500 ml (1 serving).

How can I do to be able to add just the amount I want. There is another product I use regularly that I'm only allow to choose 100 ml. It is hemp oil and I use it as a dressing for my salads so as you can imagine I'm very far away from using 100 ml.

Why is this? the thing is that I don't have any other option, only that, so it is not that I'm doing something wrong, isn't it?

Can you help me to solve this situation please?

Thank you so much.


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