Is Edit a Copy broken on Chrome/Brave/Chrome Canary onWeb?

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Recently, when I view a food, for example, Rocks, and click Edit a Copy, literally nothing happens.

In the chrome console, I can see that Event event: FoodCopyEvent:is fired, but there is nothing in response and in the browser wiindow itself there is no response.

What I would expect is to see a new food item created with "[copy]" appended after it. "Rocks [copy]"

I see this on Chrome with all my damn extensions, on Brave with shields down adblock off and my extensions turned off and on Chrome Canary that has nothing added into it.


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    I no longer get any option to "edit a copy" .. not in foods or created recipes. This used to eork well for me, i have requested help

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    The edit a copy and edit custom recipe is no longer available on the app since the most recent update.

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    It still works for me using Firefox (Custom Food, Meals and Recipes):

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    In the Android app, the option to edit a copy has disappeared entirely from both foods and recipes for me. It is still available in the web app on Chrome, though.

    This has been broken for over a week. I emailed support and got a reply telling me they've removed the feature from the diary and the pages for editing each individual recipe or food, and have moved it so you can only access it from the "foods" tab. However I'm not seeing the buttons they claim to have added to the "foods" section either!

    And even if I could see the buttons, I find this a very odd and regressive step, as surely I can't be the only person who frequently edits recipes and foods directly from the diary entry or with within the "edit" screen for each food or recipe?

    Since the last update, I've actually had several issues, another one I've emailed support about is that the Oracle gets stuck in a loop of recommending the same item over and over! Thankfully this isn't a feature I rely on as heavily as creating copies of recipes and foods, it's more of a handy thing I look at now and then when I need inspiration, but it's still annoying and suggests they haven't tested the app enough before putting out the newest version.

    Please sort this out, Cronometer!!

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    "Edit a copy" is still there in the new version... tech support answered my question when I emailed them directly.

    At the list of custom foods or custom recipes slide an individual entry to the right and the edit a copy or add to diary options appear...

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    Thanks for this explanation, it's clearer than the one tech support gave me, and I can now find the "Edit a copy" function.

    That said, this is still a huge step backwards in functionality as it makes it much more inconvenient to use! I can't understand why they'd take away the option to access this function from within the dairy or while viewing an individual recipe.

    What's worse, they've also removed the ability to edit a recipe without having to navigate to the "foods" tab. So if I've added a recipe to my diary and want to view the details of the recipe, I now have to navigate to "foods" and search for the recipe (using a search function that is less flexible than the one used in the diary - you have to get the words in the right order or it won't find the recipe!) before I can access the recipe details.

    This has completely broken the way I regularly use Cronometer, as I have a lot of saved recipes which I want to repeat, and now I've got a much more complicated workflow to access them. Which is incredibly frustrating!

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    I agree... less convenient than before.. but at least its still there. I wasnt looking forward to re entering recipe info bc i wanted to edit in a new copy...

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