Is Edit a Copy broken on Chrome/Brave/Chrome Canary onWeb?

edited September 2023 in Bug Reports

Recently, when I view a food, for example, Rocks, and click Edit a Copy, literally nothing happens.

In the chrome console, I can see that Event event: FoodCopyEvent:is fired, but there is nothing in response and in the browser wiindow itself there is no response.

What I would expect is to see a new food item created with "[copy]" appended after it. "Rocks [copy]"

I see this on Chrome with all my damn extensions, on Brave with shields down adblock off and my extensions turned off and on Chrome Canary that has nothing added into it.


  • I no longer get any option to "edit a copy" .. not in foods or created recipes. This used to eork well for me, i have requested help

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