Pulse Pressure

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Would you consider adding a Pulse Pressure calculation to your reporting categories? It's the difference between Systolic and Diastolic pressure. It's not often considered, but it's a great measure of artery wall elasticity. Problem here is that you put Systolic on one chart, Diastolic on another. That's fine, as it would require a whole new UI to show them together.
Pulse Pressure, which is the calculation between the two, would show a measure of body health on the charts you have already. You'd just have to do the math, and have it appear as a Biometric Charts category.
I have been tracking this myself, as your incredibly well-thought app let me add a custom biometric then even charted it!!! The ask here is for you to do the math - so while Pulse Pressure wouldn't show up in the Diary it would appear in the Biometric Chart selection list.
This ask is a lot like the fiber ratios request - a calculated category in Biometric Charts.


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    Thanks for the suggestion @jhosford. As a gold user you can create a custom biometric, and view the graph for it in trends!

    Select "Add Biometric" on the Web Version of Cronometer and Select the Green "+" Button. Enter the name of the item you wish to track and choose an appropriate measure.
    You can then use this like any of the other biometrics listed and it will be saved at the bottom of the drop down menu under "Custom"
    You can view a graph for this measure in the Trends tab just like any of your other biometrics!

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    Thanks, Hillary - I did create the custom metric a few days back. It works great!

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