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I am new here. I use a different tracking app but I have to use Cronometer for a challenge I am doing. So, here I am...recreating all the recipes I use and making custom meals of my common ones so logging will be easier. There are a few features I like such as the super advanced nutrition tracking but other things that I am not crazy about.

I tried creating a recipe today for a 15 bean soup I eat regularly. It's frustrating that the only options are 1/2 cup for the amounts of the bean mix and no option for a 10 oz can of Rotel tomatoes. Often times with a soup recipe, I dump in an entire can of tomatoes or a package of dried beans. It seems like it would be more user friendly to have an option for choosing the entire package instead of just serving sizes. Is there a quicker way to create a recipe or do I have to read every single label to determine the number of servings in the package? I get reading labels when I am truly only eating a serving of something but for a recipe that will auto-calculate the info based on the number of servings I designate in the recipe, it seems cumbersome.


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    Is Cronometer offering you a weight option such as g (grams) in the Serving Size for your items (e.g. beans, tomatoes)? If so, you could enter the entire bag or can that way. I find I often have to do that with sardines as can sizes are so varied across brands.

    Also, selecting a generic listing from NCCDB or USDA not only will give you more Nutrient Data, the Serving Sizes are usually more flexible as well.

    Black Bean Soup Mix, Dry Food #458988, Data Source: NCCDB 80 listed nutrients.
    Tomato, Canned, Stewed with Onions, Green Peppers and Celery Food #460967, Data Source: NCCDB 80 listed nutrients.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi there,

    Yes, as mentioned in the comment above, you should be able to use the drop-down menu to change the serving size to grams or ounces. Then, you can check the package for the entire weight of the contents of the can and enter it that way. Hope that makes sense!

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