Add Vitamin D from Sunlight Exposure

Of all my ideas, I’m sure that this one is the most work, and you could probably build a whole separate app to try to calculate this with any level of accuracy, with skin color, elevation, latitude, time of day cloud cover and duration to calculate, but it’s sad to see a half complete vitamin d goal every day and know that there are non dietary factors which cannot be taken into account. I know it’s unreasonable but it would be cool.


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    LOL. Would be cool. Here's my riff on the idea: If you have a Garmin solar watch you could use it's actual insolation to compute Vitamin D generation!

    Would still be wildly inaccurate depending on skin exposure / clothing. Fun to think about though ...

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    Personally I've added a custom entry for sun light. I looked up info about how much vitamin D you get at midday in the UK (where I live) and based it off that. I adjust the amount up and down depending on the time of day/year, cloud cover etc; I realise it's obviously not going to be accurate but it's close enough to give me a very rough idea if I'm getting enough!

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