Not just MFP import — but clean up?

I was so impressed with the recipe import tool that finds the best match for a food in the database. I couldn't help but think, why couldn't there be some kind of import service that takes in MyFitnessPal data, finds the best match, and therefore more accurately tracks historical data (and adds a plethora of additional nutrients). I have data in MFP going all the way back to early 2015. It would be incredible to clean all that up!!!

It's probably a big project — not a simple feature request, I know. But it seems feasible and I'm not sure what Cronometer's priorities are... but this would definitely reduce the "switching cost" of moving from any other nutrition tracking platform to Cronometer. In fact, it would strongly incentivize it. That's my two cents :)

Anyway, I love Cronometer thus far, and I'm a dork about my data. If you folks don't do it, I'm gonna take some time to figure it out myself some day.

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