What to do: Big Difference Between American Label vs NCCDB

So I ate 116g Bing Gre, Kimchi, Sliced Cabbage.The branded version had only 15 ingredients, so I picked the NCCDB generic Kimchi.

However, there's a big caloric difference between the two. Branded is 41 kcal and NCCDB generic is 18 kcal. Of course, the absolute difference isn't that big, but percentage-wise it's more than 2x.

Can the branded labels be trusted? I'm wondering if I should just edit the NCCDB generics, keeping all the micronutrients while updating the macronutrients to the branded label.


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    I’m brand new to Cronometer this month, Dec.’23.

    But so far am finding EDITING a copy of either NCCB data or the other main one is way more accurate, overall.

    I’m am wondering why there is so much variance. After contrasting/comparing nutrient measurements on manufacturer’s created (vs branded) packaging, I was more confident in the manufacturers sets.

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    I seldom use the NCCDB for that same reason. Generally I stick with (in this order) the CRDB, then the USDA. Still, I don't "rest in those laurels" but keep a close eye on my entries. It pays to be vigilant as there are often large variances -- then I'll get my fingers going on a wider internet search for the food in question.

    A perfect example is Kale, raw registers perfectly, but Kale, cooked (no other descriptors included) shows up with quite a large amount of fat! Where did that come from?

    Anyhow, I basically, when given a choice, use something other than the NCCDB.

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    Produced foods of the same type can be made with different ingredients and additives etc. a simple example is MacDonalds fries, just potatoes, cooking oil and a bit of salt? The ingredients are different in the USA to the UK. However, an unprocessed food you would expect to be the same. But what is done to it, how it is processed and / or cooked, can make a difference. Eg Cooking or preparing using oil or butter.

    In case you haven’t found it yet here is the list of data sources they use


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