What are the best settings if I'm going to be using a Garmin device?

I don't really care about bringing over heart rate, because I know Garmin's heart rate readings are worthless compared to a chest strap, but it'd be nice if my activities came over naturally...I tried syncing it, and I got a Daily Activity (Garmin) entry, which I'm guessing is just calculated off of my steps? I'm not sure who is handling the calculation here, Garmin or Cronometer, and what metrics it is based off of.

It also imported my workouts automatically, which is nice, because I usually have to time it with my watch, then manually enter it into Cronometer later.

What are the best settings if I'm going to be using Garmin for everything and I wear it pretty much 24/7 unless charging it? Do I just set Cronometer to no activity? Or do I still do my best to estimate it, and let Cronometer figure out the difference? I'm concerned about overeating if it duplicates estimated burned calories and I'm concerned about undereating if it is designed to be used with both the Garmin Daily Import AND the Cronometer profile setting.

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