Export with Timestamp

Feature Request: I'd like to see how my food intake (and especially caffeine and alcohol intake) impact sleep and for that, it's important to have the time of day when I consumed each.

For now, I think my best tools for the analysis may be something that starts with Excel like data (so a CSV file)) for more detailed analysis.

Possible Future Option: Perhaps in the future, Cronometer could offer a dashboard similar to HabitDash (or HabitDash integration) or an AI tool to find predictable variables between biometrics and food intake. Please see: https://habitdash.com/stats/ for examples.

And, as always, giant thank you to the Cronometer team. I've been a very long time user (since it was downloadable "freeware" that I installed directly on my desktop.

loooooooong time user (from the downloadable freeware days)

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