Manually adding your daily weight

Hello! I’m new here and I think I’m missing something easy here I hope! I’m trying to find where I can add my weigh in on a daily basis. As of now I put it in the diary as a note but that won’t be efficient for reporting. What am I missing!?

also I did previously have my fitness pal and more recently noom is there a way to import those last numbers? Not a big deal mainly want to start there with adding weight.

thank you in advance!


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    There is a little purple heart across the top of the diary that says BIOMETRIC. If you click that, you can add different things and Weight is one of them.

    If you have a smart scale, it could be even easier.... For example, my scale is linked to Apple Health and I can link Apple Health to Cronometer. Then weighin and update multiple apps in one go without manually entering anything.

    As for importing data from another app, looks like you can do it under SETTINGS > ACCOUNT > ACCOUNT DATA

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