Import/Export Diary From External Food Log

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Import and export of daily diary data to/from .csv or .JSON format would be ideal.

I have almost a year's food intake history in an Excel file (date, time, food item, quantity, units) that I would like to import into Cronometer and analyze there. I would rename the foods to match Cronometer's food naming.

Of course, I would also like to export diary data into an equivalent .csv or .json file (e.g. this month's data) so that I can pretend that I will actually find the time to write some custom Python evaluation. The ability to export daily totals is a good start, but is not food-item specific.


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    OK, I found the export for detailed diary items. Is there is also a food import function from .csv or .json with a format description that I overlooked as a newbie?

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    Coming in to bump this up. I have a decade of MyFitnessPal I'd love to load in, and if Cronometer is looking for a JSON file would be good to know what the format is for the expected JSON and to find a way to match the data to it. Or, as you said, a .csv file or the like.

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    Absolutely 100% this.

    I would have switched ages ago if I could have imported my historic data from a MFP export and then continue that logging 'streak' in CM.

    I can't be the only one who just can't bear to lose this...

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    Bumping this as I've spent 3-4 hours trying to figure out how to do this and have met dead end after dead end.

    I would like to import diary items and replace my many plethora of notes with actual food items that I tend to add weeks after logging.

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