Automatic calorie balance calibration

As always: absolutely great product, loving it, getting great results too so thank you!

Here's my feature request:
I would like Cronometer to take my logged net calories (preferably a moving window of months of data) and my daily bodyweight (apple health imported from a smart scale) and apply some machine learning to calibrate the caloric goal for the next day in order to achieve a desired Weight Goal Rate (Settings > Profile + Targets). You could call it a calibrated calorie balance or calibrated BMR or something like that.

This is roughly how I have used Cronometer so far to get predictable / consistent results:
1. Log months of data (calories + exercises + bodyweight) while trying to stay at a roughly constant bodyweight without using Cronometers caloric goal to prescribe anything, this is the data collection / calibration phase.
2. Adjust the Weight Goal Rate to essentially offset (calibrate) the calorie surplus/deficit that Cronometer shows in the Nutrition Report for daily averages over the past months of data. In essence, I want net calories to show as close to 0 as possible for the past months since bodyweight change was kept constant.
3. Moving forward from calibration phase and into prescriptive phase (cut/bulk): Adjust the Weight Goal Rate from its calibrated position up/down to set your desired surplus/deficit which should now be more accurate since it has been calibrated to your personal caloric burn at constant bodyweight.

Now heres the thing: I think this whole time consuming calibration phase (staying at a constant weight etc) can be skipped with some fancy machine learning on Cronometers end. If Im not mistaken, the net calories + bodyweight data should be everything you need to calibrate the BMR even when bodyweight is not constant (eg during a cut/bulk). You could do a linear estimation e.g. using the simple 7700 kcal per kg of fat or something more fancy including sodium intake for water retention estimation etc.

End goal of the feature is to personalise the caloric goal for the next day to your own data.

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