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Reposting from help since I had no replies..

Hi, I am somewhat confused with the calories burned section of the dashboard. I have NOT checked “Include exercise” or “TEF”.

So, the Calories burned chart shows that I have burned 2647 kcal, from BMR, exercises and imported activity, yet the calories burned in the Caloric Balance chart don’t match with these. This is a common occurrence daily. Also, I’ve noticed that when I have no imported activity, the BMR portion doesn’t match exactly as the one in the settings. If someone could shed some clarity on how to read this, I would appreciate it.

Thank you


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    When you created your program and added your activity level, this will add in those calories by default. Regardless of whether we actually do any form of exercise, we burn calories just by pumping blood or breathing. It's our metabolism. So...if you don't want to include that you need to make your activity level none (in Energy Settings). It will them only show the calories you've consumed and will not be offset by any activity - check off the include exercise, as well.

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