Can you make recipes default to 1 serving instead of the full recipe every time?

I made a recipe. But when I want to add it to the diary. It defaults to add the entire recipe instead of 1 serving. So I have to change the size manually for every time I use it, every day. And I of course forget it every now and then and the calories for that day shoot up to 5000, and I have to go back and change it.


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    Agree, that seems a much better default.

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    Once you finish Adding ingredients, scroll down slightly to the section that deals with servings.

    It sometimes takes a bit of playing around, but by selecting Serving Based, it usually works out. e.g. if I make a batch of soup in a particular crockpot, I know I will typically serve that in 4 servings. The recipe might say 6 or 8 or even 10, if they assume a small cup of soup. But I know a large bowl will be a quarter of the batch, so I use that as serving size. When it gets into the Diary, if I have had a much smaller serving, I can always enter the quantity as a fraction... such as .5 for a small bowl.

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