Reorder snapshots

Request: ability to reorder snapshots based on edited date, not just date added

I would like to be able to retroactively add progress pics and have them show up in their original chronological order based on the dates they were taken, with most recent displaying at the top. I would also like to be able to change the biometrics to that of thr date of the photo. I see that I can edit captions but cannot override the biometrics that come from the date I added the pic.

In other words:

I added a photo taken today and it shows up in Snapshots with today’s date and my latest weight/bmi/bf. I then add a photo I took 8 weeks ago and manually edit the date of the photo. It still shows up in front of the photo I added first, and still shows my latest weight/bmi/bf with no way to edit that.

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