New Oura Integration Feature: Cycle Insights

Our latest feature release aims to unlock a new world of insights allowing you to better understand it's impacts. In an effort to better support women's health, we can now provide insights into how nutrition can affect mood, energy and overall wellbeing during the course of your cycle.

Not only can you gain valuable insights into what your body and its hormones are up to, you can leverage this information to help track and minimize symptoms. Experiment with adjusting your nutrient intake, exercise and sleep to better support your body's processes.

The cherry on top is that we got to work with one of our favourite partners, ŌURA, to help launch our first foray into menstrual cycle tracking.

Our first iteration of cycle tracking within Cronometer is leveraging cycle data imported from ŌURA so is currently available to female users taking advantage of our ŌURA integration; however, we do plan to expand the feature so all users can take advantage of it in the near future.

More information can be found here:

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