Energy Availability equation calculation for setting energy targets


I've been reading through some studies and seeing recent videos explaining how to adequately fuel for exercise. One major approach to determining the amount of food / calories you need to eat is called Energy Availability.

This equation is defined as Energy Intake minus your Exercise Energy Expenditure normalized to your Fat Free Mass (in kg) per day.

This equation is explained well in this forum post on the Trainer Road Forum and it refers to medical studies that use the approach to determine if someone is adequately eating the right amount of food. https://www.trainerroad.com/forum/t/energy-availability-a-different-way-of-planning-your-nutrition/78199

This approach represents a fundamentally different way to calculate and set caloric intake. Importantly, this a heavily research and medically used approach to set caloric expenditure. See here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/9781118692318.ch5

I wanted to know if it would be possible for Cronometer to develop an option to set daily caloric intake (and then setting macronutrients to medically set level such as protein according to 2.2g per kg of body weight) according to this equation. Moreover, I wanted to know if we could further have activities that are synced from strava to cronometer use the energy expenditure for the upload to estimate Exercise Energy Expenditure in Cronometer.

I think this would be an amazing option for users who are seeking to setting caloric expenditure according to their energy needs

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