Looking for health coach in CA

I am looking for someone knowledgeable in diabetes and weight loss who is keto friendly. I am fine with video. I tried using the search feature but it does not show much info


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    Lori_B64, I’m looking also - for an experienced Cronometer ‘coach’ = ideally who also an RD (Registered Dietitian) with knowledge in the kidneys from a gerontology or natural aging perspective..

    My lifetime of easily processing pretty much everything is changing based on my last annual physical with complete labs.

    If I find a collection of Cronometer professionals (who are also diabetes, weight loss, keto-friendly) I will ping you back.

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    Thank you. I would appreciate that

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    Check out our Pro Directory! It's a list of all of the professionals that use the professional version of Cronometer. https://cronometer.com/pro-directory/

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