What are custom targets supposed to do?

Trying to set a custom target, & the value doesn't seem to have any effect on the 'remaining' value shown in the energy summary.

This is true whether I use a template to schedule a custom target, or manually set a target.

Am I missing something about what this feature is supposed to do?

Steps to reproduce - manually set per day:

  1. In diary, set page to use default targets & note value under 'Remaining.' (In my case, as I write this: 720 cal.)
  2. Set a custom target (500 cal)
  3. Note value under 'Remaining.' (720 cal.)

Steps to reproduce - set using template:

  1. create a template (Click Target Scheduler; click 'New Target'; click 'custom energy target'; specify target [500 cal]; click save.)
  2. in scheduler, set today (Tuesday) for the new test target.
  3. In diary, verify that new test target is shown as the current target template.
  4. Note value under 'Remaining.' (720 cal.)

Not putting this down as a bug, but since I'm able to reproduce this on both mobile & browser it seems clear to me there's at minimum a documentation issue with how this feature is supposed to work.

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