How do I measure % of fat calories in total calories?

In Mastering Diabetes, keeping the % of fat calories to 15% of total calories is suggested.
I can see a way to correlate kcals of food (per day or per meal) to grams of fat.
I want to know how many kcals of fat vs total kcals?


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    I'm not sure if this does what you're wanting but in the web version, if you hover over the "consumed" graph you can see the percentage of calories that are from each macro group, including fat.

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    Yes! Great! Thank you!

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    Right! I've suggested they bring it "out of hiding" and incorporate that macro composition information with the detailed progress toward each macro goal that is already given prominent visibility in the Macronutrients Target area to the right of Energy Summary. It just begs to have both the targets and progress toward the targets shown together.

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