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Hi all,

I take supplements daily, is there some way to replicate entries so they do not have to be entered manually each time?


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    I first set them all up in Repeating entries so they would load to the diary every day.

    But, I didn't like the way that put a line for each into the Diary. So, I changed approach to consider that a selection of supplements all taken at the same time was like a "meal".

    I decided to create a custom "meal" for the lot. Since I already had them in the Diary, I Selected the whole batch, then right-clicked and chose to "make a meal". I just called this Custom Meal "amSupplements".

    I had to do two other steps to clean up my situation...
    1. I had to set this Custom Meal to be a Repeating item, so I set it to Repeat Daily at 07:30.
    2. Then I had to remove/delete the individual components from the Repeating area - else they would get into my diary twice!

    [Obviously, if I had thought this out properly at first, I would just go to custom Meals, create "amSupplements" from scratch; then set that custom meal to Repeat.]

    Incidentally, since I take water with the supplements, and then usually have a cup of coffee, I added those items to the custom meal, so they are basically logged every day.

    It's even easy to modify this, for example if I skip the coffee or miss one of the supplements on a given day... once the custom meal has been added to the Diary, right click on the meal to explode it to the detailed contents, and adjust those as necessary.

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