What is a Jap Pumpkin called in the USA?

Have been using Cronometer for 5 days and absolutely love it.
When logging food I try to always use the NCCDB, as this seems to provide the greatest detail with regard to nutrients.

I'm located in Australia, so some of our food names differ to those in the US.

I was wondering, what do Americans call the vegetable pictured? In Australia, we call it a Jap Pumpkin. When I searched it, NCCDB (nor any of the other DBs) had an entry. I looked it up on Google and seemed to get lots of different answers.

If anyone knows, that would be awesome.


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    Maybe better to ask "in North America?" as our beloved Cronometer is Canadian!

    Also, on a cultural note: no one in either of these countries would feel comfortable calling a KABOCHA SQUASH a "Jap Pumpkin" so thank you for explaining that this is how Australians refer to it. IMO, best to call it by its proper name, Kabocha.


    G'day and happy tracking!

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    American here. Keep in mind our country is quite large like yours. With many different regional cultures. I live in the Midwest and I wager most people would look at it and say “it’s some kind of squash”. Which I know doesn’t help you. But no one I know would be uncomfortable calling it a Jap pumpkin. Nor would we be offended if someone called an orange pumpkin a gaijin pumpkin. Cheers!

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    Kabocha Squash

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