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I’m using the Cronometer app on my iPad and I want to compare the protein percentage of my diet from day to day. For example yesterday my protein percentage was 24% Today so far it’s 35%. I’m shooting for around 40%.

Right now the only way I can find to compare different days is go to the report section and click the date at the top, scroll down to the bottom, select start date, then select the end date as the same day. Then if I want to do the day before yesterday I have to repeat the process all over again.

Is there an easier way to compare macros day by day? I’d like it if they were just included in the diary section. Maybe there is some way to add them in settings?

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    I figured it out. You tap the consumed circle at the top of the diary and it pops up the macros for whichever day you’re on in the diary. Thanks


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    Right! I've suggested they bring it "out of hiding" and incorporate that macro composition information with the detailed progress toward each macro goal that is already given prominent visibility in the Macronutrients Target area to the right of Energy Summary. It just begs to have both the targets and progress toward the targets shown together.

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