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I blog for personal motivation - it would be great to be able to select a "trend" chart (say calories, weight and protein) and have these charts automatically uploaded to Dropbox, Evernote (or equivalents) so that we can create (and share) blog posts with live progress charts.

Everyday the charts are updated automagically.

Possibly a feature for us subscribers?


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    @Imgonna, You can export your charts by selecting the gear icon in the top right corner and then selecting "export to .csv". You can then open the data in Excel to create your own graph. You are also welcome to add a screenshot of the Cronometer graph to your blog.
    Gold users can select "Full Report" from the Trends tab to create a report that you can save to your computer and then use to upload. You can customize this report by selecting the checkboxes to show your followers only pertinent information.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    Hiya, +1 for a sharing feature of charts here, too. Besides diet, I'm tracking various biometrics, so my goal would be to be able to share a URL with my doctor, without having to go through extra steps to create the report. That's what I love about cronometer.. not having to track calories myself and create graphs of data tables, like I used to do. :smile: The full printed report as PDF is very nice and works well, but I would definitely use a shareable URL if you were to provide it.

    @Imgonna I think the most hands-free way for you to share your charts as they are now would be to use a shared Dropbox folder on our PC that the blog or whatever also has access to via a public Dropbox URL, and save the CSVs periodically, overwriting the files that are there.. the only manual part. On your blog or website you'd have a bit of javascript that automatically reads in the data to display it in a chart as users visit your site. Chart.js might work nicely, except that it reads JSON data instead of CSV, so maybe after saving, a quick run of a self-written csv2json conversion script might be in order.

    HA, scratch all that.. instead of saving CSVs, take screen caps of the nice charts that cronometer makes and overwrite those images. :smiley:

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    Hi both - thanks for commenting.

    As a blogger, I want an automatic process to allow me to embed on a web page.

    Sure, I can export to csv and manually make a chart and yes, I can screen shot the app / web page - but the ability to link to a live version of my chart (via API) would be a really useful and time saving picture.

    Is there a public API for accessing our data?


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    I would like this as well.

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    A public facing API would be useful to me.

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