Calling All Gadget Geeks!

As a life-long technology geek, I always love it when my gadgets and apps play well together. I'm curious if others feel the same and have any recommendations for fitness apps and devices that play well together.

Since starting to use Cronometer, I've accumulated the following apps and devices:

Cronometer is the central pillar of my fitness tracking, with it's excellent reporting and extensive 3rd-party integration support.

For daily activity tracking I use a Fitbit. Most everything out there syncs data with Fitbit, so it plays very well with others. Cronometer pulls in activity and calorie burned info from fitbit and scales my daily caloried budget automatically based on real activity. I manually log things like 'scuba diving' or 'strength training' in Fitbit and it forwards the activity to Cronometer.

For body metrics I bought a Eufy Smart Scale P2. This measures weight and body composition, has fairly decent reporting of body metrics over time within its app, and syncs weight and body fat percentage to both google fit and Fitbit. (Cronometer pulls in the weight and body fat percentage from Google Fit automatically)

For exercise / strength training, I'm using Caliber. Cronometer sends calories and macros to Caliber, but it doesn't integrate with anything else, so this is fairly useless. I'd like a better option that would send calories burned to fitbit or google fit, or even better send activity to Cronometer, but oh well. As a fitness app, Caliber is great. It's 100% functional for free and has hundreds of exercise options with video demos showing the moves. For logging Caliber workouts, in addition to filling in the app with reps and time entries, I usually also start a 'Strength Training' workout directly from my Fitbit Charge 6, which monitors my heartrate and workout time and guestimates a calories burned value at the end of my workout, which gets forwarded to Cronometer.

I haven't received it yet, but I just ordered a Merach Elliptical from Amazon. I like this device because it has an App with video workouts and competitive courses similar to the Peloton app, but for FREE! it's suppose to be Bluetooth integrated with heart-rate-on-device, so hopefully my Fitbit Charge 6 will be able to talk to it... TBD.

I vastly prefer free apps. I'm paying the yearly blood money to Cronometer for the customizable reports, but I just can't justify adding multiple monthly charges for apps.

Anyone have any great app suggestions?

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